Through the strength of our member partners we are able to offer immediate assistance for the development and integration of advanced devices and materials as well as long-term solutions to fill technology and capability gaps across multiple fields.

ICAMR offers the only advanced materials manufacturing center focused on the integration of semiconductor based processes and materials into future products like sensors and photonics devices. ICAMR accelerates technology commercialization to fill technology and capability gaps across multiple fields.

Key Enablers

  • ICAMR will be able to create a class 1 environment inside a class 1000 cleanroom, development to manufacturing focused facility with capabilities of depositing advanced materials such as III-Vs, Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT), Graphene, GaN, SiC and advanced dielectrics on silicon substrates.
  • ICAMR will work with industry partners to deposit these and other advanced materials in a high quality, manufacturing manner for the sensor or photonic application of the partner. 
  • ICAMR deposited materials and cleanroom protocols will allow the partner to move wafers seamlessly in and out of other manufacturing or development fabs.
  • ICAMR will work with equipment partners to develop tools that are high volume manufacturing ready for advanced materials on silicon wafers.  The unique capabilities of advanced materials on silicon wafer platforms for integration into smart sensors and photonic devices carried out to manufacturable standards makes ICAMR a valuable partner for those industries interested in bringing the materials advantages of CNT, graphene, III-Vs, and advanced dielectrics onto the silicon substrate platform for reasons of cost or control capabilities using CMOS technology.

Advanced Materials and Devices Development Line

  • Designed to support a broad range of industries (biomedical, agriculture, environmental, etc.)
  • GaN and InGas MOCVD deposition tools - utilizing 8" silicon substrates
  • Universal Smart Sensors and III-V materials - Multipurpose product applications (ionic, molecular, gas-chemFETS sensor, with wireless communication)

Advanced Packaging, Test, and Device Integration Development Line

  • Back-end processing and packaging line for prototype development and commercialization (Biomedical, Oil and Gas, Aerospace/Defense, Environmental, Agriculture Sensors)
  • Advanced Optics and photonics Devices - wide range of advanced applications (SIP)

To coordinate activity, please contact

Ankineedu Velaga
Technology Director